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BCAA’s the Building Blocks of Muscle

Whether you are or are not an athlete you may or may not know that amino acids are something your body gets from food and supplements and are critical to building muscles.

The branched chain amino acids contain the three most important amino acids for feeding muscle, which is why you hear so much about their importance. In short, they are a major player in boosting energy levels, delaying muscle fatigue, aiding fat loss, and promoting protein synthesis (GAINS!!).

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and therefore muscle. They are classified as essential, meaning you must consume them through your diet. They should be considered the foundation of your entire supplement program. Basically, if you want to increase anabolism, blunt catabolism and lessen recovery time, BCAA’S should be a top priority.

Some research has shown that athletes using BCAA’S to enhance muscle growth and strength also have higher levels of GH (growth hormone). Of course the higher your GH, the greater increases in muscle size and strength. In other news, the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that weightlifters taking a BCAA supplement in conjunction with training for 8 weeks gained about twice as much muscle and strength as those just taking a whey protein shake without the BCAA.

The newer drinkable and capsule forms make it simple for us to incorporate this essential supplement. Consuming them in the morning or before fasted cardio can stop muscle breakdown that occurs at night.  Sip the drinkable types throughout the day and/or while you train, or a fun, calorie free, carb free, sweet treat is to make some BCAA pops. Use a four serving ice pop mold, mix water and one to two scoops of Mutant BCAA 9.7 (any flavor you like), freeze and enjoy.

It’s important to use a supplement that provides leucine in a 2:1:1 ratio to isoleucine and valine, which is the most advantageous according to most studies. Keep in mind more isn’t always better, higher ratios (8:1:1, or 12:1:1) have been shown as counter productive.  Many companies achieve the higher ratios by drastically reducing the amount of isoleucine and valine in their product, a tactic that shortchanges you in the long run. Buyers beware!

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