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What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

An increasing trend lately are people seeking clients for online coaching and personal training. Unfortunately 80% of them aren’t qualified to do so. Sadly, there have been one or two that were interns with me for a very short time, and although they may have learned a little they still remain  without a certification, education,  or nearly enough knowledge to adequately  train people.  A few others have managed to acquire nutrition and workout plans written by qualified professionals in this industry and pass them along or sell them as their own…I have a HUGE pet peeve over this behavior, so today I’m providing a list of things you should look for in your trainer/coach; should you feel this is written about you…well that’s either because it is, or its simply your guilty conscious eating at you for being a fake…

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BCAA’s the Building Blocks of Muscle

Whether you are or are not an athlete you may or may not know that amino acids are something your body gets from food and supplements and are critical to building muscles.

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I Don’t Want to Adult Anymore

Ever have one of those days, weeks or months that make you want to crawl in a hole, go on a permanent vacation, or just stop adulating all together??

I have good moments and I sure have my share of frustrating little moments too. For example this morning I started my day by waking up and as always grabbed my phone to see how much

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If Failure is Your Fear ; Work Harder!!

Often you’ll hear me preach about getting over your fears, as they are what stands between you and success, but yesterday someone asked what drives me to get up at 4am every day and forge through the long day. I had to think about that for a moment and realized, in part, fear plays a substantial role in my motivation.  

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What exactly does Zero2Wicked mean?

So its about that time to answer the question, what does Zero2Wicked really mean? It started out as a simple mantra in the gym…it ended up becoming something so much more.

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What is Stopping You??

There are only two things stopping you from being happy; fear and self-doubt. We have all failed at something, but

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Distractions, the good, the bad & the ugly

Distractions have become a majority of our day. We are side tracked by social media, games, gossip, even relationships can be a distraction. All of these things and more have made us into little insects buzzing around a bright light in the dark. The problem is, these same distractions are zapping us (pun intended) and distancing us from our goals. 

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Get my stats here!!

So many people ask my stats, so here is a list of answers to the most frequent stat questions..

Height 5’9 – Weight 160lbs

Not married, no kids

Measurements : 36/29/36.5

Clothing sizes – Medium/Size 8-10 / 36DD/34″ inseam/ Shoe size 9.5

I grew up on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Texas

Feel free to comment and question. Keep your questions respectful please!

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